How Does a Real Man Act? More Input From You Please

I’m really caught up in figuring out how to plan my boys’ training for the next few years. Having been inspired by Robert Lewis’s Raising a Modern-Day Knight: A Father’s Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood, I want to raise my boys up to be knights, in the ideal sense of the word.

Last week, you helped me give some consideration to a Vision of Manhood. What does a real man look like. Thanks for helping out with that. He looks like a servant who is devoted first to God, loves his wife, is committed, honest, sacrificial. You gave me some great help and provided the web world with some great info.

I need some more help. Lewis went on to get a little more specific. The Vision of Manhood is about over-arching concepts of manhood. He then provided a Code of Conduct that he and his buddies developed to pass on to their boys. He listed 10 things, but I don’t want to muddy your thinking with all 10. But I’ll give an example. One aspect of his code of conduct was “Kindness.” A real conducts himself in kindness.

So, within the vision of manhood that we are developing, what are some aspects of everyday conduct that you would teach a boy to help him become a man.

How does a real man conduct himself?

You can provide your input by clicking here. And again, thanks for your help.


This page does contain affiliate links. Here’s another one. If you’d like to learn more about Lewis’s vision of manhood for his boys, make sure you check out his book. Click the link below.

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  • Dave

    Quick to admit he is wrong and say he is sorry.

    • Anonymous

      This one is tough, Dave. Once you recognize it, you find out you have to use it too often.

  • Shayne

    "Real Men" Act Justly; Love Mercy; Walk Humbly with God.

    • EdCrozier

      Thanks, Shayne. Succinct and to the point. Perfect.

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