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The Skinny on Resolutions: A Video by the Skit Guys


The first week of January is halfway over. How are you doing on your resolutions? Yeah, me too. Although, I did go to the gym this morning. That’s good. Would you like to know the skinny on resolutions? Then check out the video by the Skit Guys letting us know about how different people handle Resolutions. Enjoy!

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The Skit Guys Sum Up My Thanks to Veterans

Thank you, Veterans!

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Link Tries to Get a Job: A Video by Rhett and Link


It’s been a while since I’ve posted just some good clean fun. Check out one of the newest Rhett and Link videos. Link is trying to get a job and needs Rhett to give a him a good reference. But he makes the mistake of asking Rhett to be honest and just be himself. You’ll love it.

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Why False Teachers Need to be Exposed

mike murdock

There’s a lot of nonsense parading about as Christianity these days. But when you speak out against it, some folks play the tolerance card claiming it does no harm and we need to just let people be. However, the following video, while being completely hilarious to me, demonstrates exactly how dangerous it can be to let some people prance about as representatives of Christianity in general.

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Is There Too Much Hand Sanitizer in Church?

Tim Hawkins live performance doing the hand sanitizer bit

No doubt, most churches are doing their dead level best to make their guests feel at home. Perhaps sometimes we make mistakes while trying to do that. Tim Hawkins highlights a big mistake. Check it out and then let’s discuss the best way to make guests feel at home.

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The #1 Key to Getting Back in the Saddle

back in the saddle by  Paul Melcher thumbnail

Have you ever had an interruption in a well-laid plan? Have you ever been going along great with some discipline and then your world gets turned upside-down? All that discipline and planning goes right out the window. Then at some point you are supposed to get back in the saddle. How on earth are you going to do that? Here’s the #1 key to getting back in the saddle.

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AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! I Nearly Lost My Blog

don't panic by-sa Sarah Klockars-Clauser 2010-thumbnail

Hello again, blog world!

After a nearly fatal power loss at the data center for my hosting service, I nearly lost my blog. Even now, it is crippled and I’m starting the slow process of internet therapy.

Even though I had a back up of the blog, it has still loaded in with some dreadful errors that I’m simply not sure how to deal with yet. So, please be patient with me as I try to figure out how to get “God’s Way Works” back up to the image and standard it had before this debacle.

Thank you so much for your patience with me and let me encourage you to keep coming back. Hopefully within the next week, I’ll be back up and running at full-steam.



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A Preacher Needs a Good Bible, Right?

Bible #2

Hello, my name is Edwin and I’m a bibleaholic.

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If Jesus Had Been on Twitter: A Video Illustration

Got this video in my inbox yesterday. I thought it was neat and wanted to share. Enjoy!

I thought they missed a good opportunity by skipping the 5000 that left Him the day after He fed them, but enjoyed the concept.

What did you think? Click the following link to add your input: Post a comment.

Check Out What a Modern Day Pharisee Servant Looks Like: A Video

Okay, we’ve had a couple of heavy days. Now that it is Friday, let’s just have some good clean fun, and see if we can get a moral out of it too. Enjoy this video from Worship House Media about having a servant’s heart.

Bless her little servant’s heart, I just don’t think she gets it. See a modern day pharisee blowing her trumpet on her volunteer corner.

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